Who Are We

Work and Travel TT is an Agency based in Trinidad and Tobago that helps Caribbean professionals jump start their career with jobs internationally. We also provide qualified or experienced foreign professionals the opportunity to gain world class experience and explore a new cultural environment through full- time positions around the world.
  1. We do this by providing you with paid full time jobs for up to four years.
  2. Yes you read correctly, PAID.⁣⠀
  3. All employees receive a salary in line with their local counterparts to cover their expenses.
  4. Get paid, improve your career skills, meet new friends and learn a new culture.


Kaiande Devonish

She is a Chemical Engineer by profession with a great love for travelling and helping person achieve their dreams and follow their passions. ⁣🌍 That's why she founded this Agency in 2015 to help qualified professionals receive an unforgettable work experience where ever in the world they choose.