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FAQs – Work and Travel


Students, recent graduates or young professionals to come to the United States and participate in a structured and guided work-based learning program that fosters professional development in the intern’s or trainee’s specific academic or occupational field.

The J-1 Internship/Trainee program promotes mutual cultural understanding and encourages personal and professional development by creating opportunities for international candidates to intern or train with U.S. businesses. Participants need to get the J-1 Visa for their internship program.

Internship Program Requirements

• Must be currently enrolled in a Bachelor degree or above level of education.


• Have graduated from an institution within 12 months of the internship start date in the US.


• Verifiable English Language skills by an English test (e.g. a minimum 550 of the TOEFL or IETLS 7.0 or equivalent score on an English proficiency test) & in- person English Speaking assessment conducted by an English instructor.

Remarks: This program is a maximum 12 months. There are no extensions.Training Program Requirements

• Must have completed a degree or professional certificate outside the US and have 1 year related work experience outside the US.

• 5 years of related work experience. AND

• Verifiable English Language skills by an English test (e.g. a minimum 550 of the TOEFL or IETLS 7.0 or equivalent score on an English proficiency test) & in- person English Speaking assessment conducted by an English instructor.

Remarks: This program is a maximum 18 months. There are no extensions.

If you are eligible for the Internship Program, you are able to join the program for 6 months or 12 months. If you are eligible for Trainee Program, you are able to join the program for 6 months, 12 months or 18 months.

After your program ends, you are authorized to stay for an additional 30 days (referred to as Grace Period) which will be granted for your travel purposes only. This rule applies to both the Internship and Trainee Program.


Don’t worry! Your internship experience will be eye-opening and rewarding. You will not be asked to perform any type of labor work during your internship. The J-1 Internship/ Trainee Program provides professional development in your field of study or career field.

You will learn valuable skills such as professional techniques and U.S. business methodologies in your field, which will allow you to enhance/ further your skills, knowledge, and qualifications within your field of study.

In addition, the J-1 Internship & Trainee Program is administered by the U.S. laws and Department of States (DoS) program regulations. To meet DoS’ standards and protect our Interns’ benefit, our program will NOT place our interns in any of the following fields on the list:

  1. Unskilled or casual labor positions

  2. Positions that are more than 20% clerical

  3. Businesses with more than 10% J1 interns to American employees

  4. Fast food industry or counter-type positions

  5. Have fewer than 3 departmental rotations for hospitality tourism internships of

    six months or longer

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  1. Childcare or elder care

  2. Clinical or any other kind of work that includes patient care or contact, including

    any work that requires interns to provide therapy, medication, or other clinical or

    medical care

  3. Staffing agencies

  4. Any position that could bring the Exchange Visitor Program or the Department of

    State into notoriety or disrepute

Our J-1 Internship & Trainee Program sponsors in the following 7 general occupational categories:

a. Arts & Culture
b. Education, Social Sciences, Library Science, Counseling and Social Services.
c. Hospitality & Tourism
d. Information Media & Communications
e. Management, Business, Commerce and Finance
f. Public Administration & Law
g. The Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics and Industrial Occupations

By the law of the Department of State in the U.S., our program will NOT sponsor interns to work for:

  • Fast Food establishments

  • Counter work

  • Baby-sitting

  • House-keeping

  • Camp counselor

  • Positions in the medical field

■ Crew members on a ship or plane

The Intern is paid a stipend starting from $1200 USD a month to assist with cost of living in U.S. This is not a salary. Interns and Trainees in the program are not considered employees of the company. The purpose of the stipend is served to support the Interns and Trainees cost of living during the program.

Housing, meals, and/or transportation is completely at the discretion of the company. We do not recommend participants to expect housing provided by the company in the internship placement. However, we will provide you with a guideline to assist you with finding your own housing in a safe area near your company.

We offer placements throughout the whole U.S. We will place you in a company where we think would fit your background.

We do understand that most people are only aware of the main metropolitan cities such as New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. In fact, the United States is a lot more diverse than that! Different states have different demands depending on the field and industry, as well as many types of attractions that the U.S. can offer out of the “well known cities!”

Therefore, we highly recommend our applicants to keep an open mind when they decide to apply for the program.

The J-1 visa is issued to overseas visitors for educational and cultural exchange purposes only. While an intern may earn money (stipend), it is NOT a work visa. We and our U.S. sponsor oversee exchange visitors including Interns in the Internship Program and to provide required paperwork for exchange visitors to apply for the J-1 visa. The J-1 visa category was established by the U.S. government through the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 in order to promote the foreign policy objectives of the U.S. and to increase mutual understanding between the people of the U.S. and other countries through educational and cultural activities.

You will be issued a J-1 visa for the exact dates listed on your DS-2019 form (e.g. your legal internship dates). Upon entry into the U.S., a Form I-94 will be attached to your passport. The I-94 indicates the last day you may be in the U.S. on this J-1 visa. Alternatively, “D/S” may be stamped on the I-94 card instead of an actual date. “D/S” is an abbreviation for “Duration of Status” which is equivalent to the specified time indicated on the DS-2019 form plus a 30- day “grace” period reserved for travel purposes only.

The Department of State has implemented a system called SEVIS, which keeps a record of international students who are participating in exchange programs. SEVIS enables sponsors to transmit participants’ information to the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and DOS (the Department of State). Only sponsor agencies are allowed to enter the SEVIS system and validate participants’ visas.

In 2004, U.S. Congress mandated that all international students and exchange visitors must pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee, which funds the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) and SEVIS. The fees is $180 USD. It is separate from visa fees. You must bring proof of your I-901 payment to your visa appointment.

NO. Once your DS dates have expired, you are no longer in a bonafide sponsored internship program and cannot continue at the Host Business. You have the option of either returning back home or stay in the U.S. for an additional 30 days beyond the expired DS dates for the exclusive purpose of travel.

If you wish to remain in the U.S. to travel longer than the 30 days that are being allowed during the Grace Period, you will need to contact the Office of Homeland Security and request a change of status to a B-2 (tourist) visa. You will need to complete the OHS form I-539 and pay a fee of $75 USD. The Office of Homeland Security recommends that the tourist visa application be submitted 45 days prior to the expiration of the participant’s J-1 visa. As a reminder, you are responsible for purchasing appropriate insurance to cover the travel period following the internship program.

Your company will provide you with a Training / Internship Placement Plan syllabus (Training Plan – DS 7002), which will outline the goals and objectives of the internship program. The purpose of the Training Plan is to ensure that the company and the Intern have a mutual understanding of the position’s duties and expectations. During your program, your company will be giving you a mid-term and final evaluation, which will be based on your performance in the program.

Extracurricular employment outside the participant’s J-1 internship program is strictly prohibited.


To produce competent, valuable, culturally diverse candidates for the workforce.


  • Phone: 868-373-6801
  • Skype: TTworkttravel
  • Email:info@ttworktravel.com
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